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About me

In the sommer of 2003 we moved to Denmark with the clear goal of starting the breeding og Malinois workingdogs, and in addition have a dogsitting company along side the breeding.

Naturally, we had many consideration prior to making the final decision - many of them being personal reasons. Therefore we find it important to state here what our filosphy behind the breeding is and what we are aiming at.

The corner stone of our kennell is that we, in coorporation with our partners, are aiming to continue and improve the breeding of the legendary Belgian working Malinois from the Kennell: Deux Pottois. Our partners have, for more than 20 years, worked with the breed Deux Pottois and for many years they have worked to pass on the heritage through their kennells. They have done this with great success, having sold puppies all over the world to both military, security, police and sports organisations. With our own knowledge and the many years of experience of our partners, we are now focusing to maintain the breeds finest charachteristics, i.e. their amaizing abilities as working, family and sports dogs.

Our goal is to breed confident and reliable dogs, with the charachteristic eagerness to work and the amazing abilities of the Deux Pottois.

Naturally, our breeding is in line with all ethics.